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Jeff has prepared for this role in state government through work, civic participation, and formal study. He graduated from St. Olaf College with degrees in History and Social Studies Education. He received a Master's of Education degree from Harvard University in Administration, Planning, and Social Policy. He completed additional graduate study through Abilene Christian University and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.


His most meaningful learning has occured while working with thousands of students, supporting hundreds of parents and families, and collaborating with countless business and community leaders.

Our state leaders have a moral obligation to measure the success of Wisconsin not only by its economic production but also by how their decisions protect the people and land of this unique place. Legislative decisions have human consequences. We must ask if people are helped or hurt, if our families and communities are strengthened or weakened, and if our natural resources are protected or threatened by the laws and budgets we pass. I will ask these tough questions and be a strong voice for the individuals, families, communities, and natural resources of the 51st District.  - Jeff

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