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Please mail completed papers to the address

on the form before May 15th

When Circulating Nomination Papers:

  1. As a circulator, you will be acknowledging that you personally obtained each signature and that you watched the people who signed the papers you are submitting.

  2. Please make sure to the best of your ability that each signer is a district resident.

  3. Elector signatures must be legible. If you can't read a name the Government Accountability Board probably won't be able to either. Don't be shy about asking a signer to print his/her name to help verify the signature.

  4. The signer must indicate his/her residence, including street number, street and municipality. PO Box and rural route numbers are NOT sufficient.

  5. Please check to see that the signer indicates the correct date in the far right-hand box.

  6. A person may sign only one nomination paper for each office in an election period. Be sure to ask each person whether he/she has signed another person's nomination paper for the same office, before you accept a signature.

  7. When you have completed collecting signatures, please return them to the address listed on the front of this document.


Thank you!

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